Bagua Health Balls

Bagua Health Balls
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The Production of these iron balls dates back to the Ming Dynasty. The inside is hollow and each ball has a sounding plate inside. One emits a high tone, the other a low tone. According to the Chinese traditional medical theory of Jingluo, the hand contains a network of channels which circulate vital energy. Acupuncture points are distributed along these channels. Rotating the iron balls within our hand stimulates the acupuncture points- leading to better circulation and unlocking vital energy. The Health Balls are placed in the palm and then rotated in a circular manner. In China, it is common to see a person using the Health Balls while taking a walk.

Our enamel-plated health balls are packaged in a beautiful black dragon silk box. This style features the traditional Yin-Yang bagua symbol, representing balance and harmony. The box measures 4.5"W x 2.5"D x 2.5"H.