Box of 4 Terra Cotta Warriors

Box of 4 Terra Cotta Warriors
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Over 2,200 years ago China's first emperor ordered the construction of a vast underground army of 8,000 life-size terra cotta warriors. For 36 years more than 700,000 laborers worked on this enourmous project. Each of the soldiers has a unique and distinctive face, and it is thought that real soldiers served as models.

Formal excavation began in Xi'an, the ancient capital of the Emperor, in 1974 and will continue for many years. The statues were brightly colored when unearthed but moments later turned to the dark grey color as they appear today. The terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century and they bring over 2 million tourists per year.

This green silk gift box encloses four replicas of the Terra Cotta Warriors. Each one has a unique and distinctive face. These terra cotta pieces go well in a variety of spaces. These decorative statues are for indoor use only and not suitable for outside use.