Japanese Bamboo Horizontal CD/DVD Rack

Japanese Bamboo Horizontal CD/DVD Rack
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This is a simple and attractive solution to organizing the optical media in your life. Our Japanese design rustic style CD /DVD racks provide a unique alternative to black plastic DVD racks or a black nylon CD cases. Hand crafted from kiln dried, ultra durable and beautiful whole bamboo, you'll get compliments when you put this on your desk, home or office.

  • Japanese design optical media rack.
  • Designed for approx. 20 CD / DVD jewel cases.
  • Horizontal orientation for quick, easy access.
  • Crafted from sustainable, long lasting kiln dried bamboo.
  • Unique, thoughtful personal or corporate gift idea.

Bamboo is an amazing plant, biologically closer to the grass on your lawn than the Oak or Elm shading it. Bamboo forests mature in 5 to 7 years, and require little management or input. Bamboo has been revered in Asia for as long as the written and artistic record extends. Even now, you'll see bamboo scaffolding, NOT steel pole around a sky scraper under construction in Tokyo or Hong Kong.