Buddha Canvas Wall Art

Buddha Canvas Wall Art
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A powerful and beautiful rendering of the face of a statue of Gautama Buddha, the historical Buddha. Distinct from the "Laughing Buddha", this is the Bodhisattva who found enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. The design is reminiscent of wood plaques carved in northern Thailand in the present day.

  • Around 2 feet wide by just over 2 and a half feet tall.
  • Subtle, serene, beatific visage of Gautama Buddha.
  • Canvas art prints formatted, fitted, and stretched on a wooden frame.
  • Part of a collection of Asian, impressionist, photo art & multi-media works.
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This Buddhist art classic is from our new selection of beautiful, compelling canvas wall art prints. Each print has been carefully formatted and lithographically printed onto art quality canvas. The canvas image is mounted on a simple wooden frame, making it simple to hang. For exceptional home décor value, browse both our canvas wall art and canvas folding screen room divider collections.