6 ft. Tall Do It Yourself Canvas Room Divider

6 ft. Tall Do It Yourself Canvas Room Divider
Price: $184.00
Shipping Weight: 35.00 pounds
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After the overwhelming success of our Do It Yourself Screen we decided to expand the line by offering more panels. They are wonderful, decorative blank slates, now in four and six panels, ready for any and all of your most creative ideas!

  • Carefully constructed reinforced wood frames, hardy, kiln dried Spruce, about 6 feet tall and just under 16 inches wide- size and shape of most contemporary, American style folding screens.
  • Each panel is covered with new, slightly off white, poly-cotton blend canvas- front, back, top, bottom and edges. Each panel offers two sides to decorate- or leave blank.
  • Almost opaque, such that very little light can pass thru the double layers of canvas, affording complete privacy when used as a dressing screen- tough, durable, light and portable.
  • Great for dividing space, providing privacy, hiding unsightly areas or equipment, background for plants or sculptures, or defining a cozy space.
Available in 4 and 6 panels.