6 ft. Tall Diamond Weave Fiber Room Divider

6 ft. Tall Diamond Weave Fiber Room Divider
Price: $124.00
Shipping Weight: 35.00 pounds
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3 Panel
4 Panel
5 Panel
6 Panel
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Light Beige
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Colors from left to right are:
Natural, Light Beige, Dark Beige, Dark Red, Dark Mocha, Black, and White.

Our new Diamond weave room partition is a practical accessory and beautiful decorative accent. The arch top panels are wider than most, almost 20". Tough, durable spun plant fiber cord is interwoven with quarter inch thick wooden dowels. The distinctive "diamond" shape medallions are repeated 5 per panel, creating a stylish rattan look decorative screen as well as a slightly larger floor screen room divider.

  • 19+ inches wide panels with attractive diamond weave medallions.
  • Well built, lightweight wood frames with spun plant fiber cord.
  • In 3, 4, 5, & 6 panel sizes, and 7 deep dye color options.
  • Distinctive rattan style folding screen at a great price.
  • Note: This design allows light and air to pass through.

The spun plant fiber cord is able to hold dye beautifully, making rich, warm, beautifully colored decorative screens. Note however that this design does allow some light and air to pass though the panels, and does not shut light out completely. We also offer natural fiber design room divider with a tighter cross weave that is completely opaque: in 3, 4, 5, & 6 panels, in 4ft., 6ft., & 7ft. tall designs, without the "diamond" medallions.