5 1/2 ft. Tall Window Pane Fabric Room Divider

5 1/2 ft. Tall Window Pane Fabric Room Divider
Price: $171.00
Shipping Weight: 28.00 pounds
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3 Panel
4 Panel
6 Panel
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Burnt White
Burnt Grey
Burnt Brown

This is an extra strong floor screen, offering style elements of both Japanese shoji screens as well as traditional American style room dividers. The window pane lattice at the top & bottom of this screen are attractive, and reinforce the structure of each panel. Also, the cotton fabric shade is solid and durable, making this screen lighter than a solid wood panel design.

  • Unique fusion of American & Japanese style elements.
  • Top & bottom lattice reinforce the panel frames.
  • Tear & puncture resistant cotton panel shades.
  • Note: Window pane lattice is on the front side only.
  • We offer two similar designs, in the same sizes & colors

The rustic, "burnt" wood finishes are unique and attractive, intended to compliment modern American interior design. Distressed and antiqued wood finishes are popular as they remind us of the long lasting quality of the solid wood frames underneath. These folding floor screens provide great quality and attractive design at excellent prices, delivered to your door.