3' x 3' Half Size Fiber Fill Tatami Mat

3' x 3' Half Size Fiber Fill Tatami Mat
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Our Fiber Fill Tatami Mat combines the classical Japanese Washitsu interior design style with a contemporary innovation. Instead of the baked rice straw fill used in conventional Tatami, these mats are made with a high-density fiberboard. The result is a lightweight, hypoallergenic mat that doesn't have the traditional scent associated with classical Tatami flooring.

  • Soft Rush Grass over high-density fiberboard
  • Lighter weight and longer lasting than conventional Tatami Mats
  • A scent-free alternative to traditional Tatami
  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Also available in the 6' x 3' size, perfect if you're looking to make a '4 1/2' room layout.

Traditionally, Tatami mats were symbols of wealth and extravagance, only seen in the homes and temples of the higher castes. Nowadays, Tatami mats are widely available; you can find them in many Japanese homes, restaurants, temples and tea houses. Tatami are not only used as floor coverings: sets of Tatami mats can be stacked to construct benches, stools, tables and desks.