24" Landscape Blue & White Porcelain Umbrella Stand

24" Landscape Blue & White Porcelain Umbrella Stand
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At two feet tall, these are larger, more substantial umbrella stands than other versions we offer, crafted from high quality, durable, fine Chinese porcelain.

  • Robust, durable, fine Chinese porcelain.
  • Larger size, great for taller canes, umbrellas, & long walking sticks.
  • Display fresh rush grass, lucky bamboo, or dried flower arrangements.
  • Outstandingly affordable direct import price.

Oriental style umbrella stands are a practical & beautiful decorative accent, a lovely decorative accessory near the door of both formal and casual American homes and apartments. In addition to these four beautiful designs, we offer lacquered porcelain umbrella stands, as well as smaller size Japanese blossom designs, and a unique metal design. Note too that umbrella stands are often used for distinctive dry plant and flower arrangements in living or dining rooms.