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6 ft. Tall Double Sided Parisian Street Room Divider

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    SKU: CAN-CAFE4 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Parisian Street Room Divider

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    A pair of vintage Paris street scenes, painted with lots of neutral tones in tan, beige, brown, gray and antique white, beautifully accented by quaint storefronts in rich green, blue, and brick red. Cobble stone, flag stone and brick, classic European stucco, and well tended plants & vines makes these streets come alive like they do in real life, to accent any corner of your living room, bedroom, family room, or place of business.

    • Fine quality, sturdily crafted kiln dried wood frame panels, covered with hardy, poly-cotton blend canvas.
    • Beautiful, carefully rendered reproductions, with warm, rich color and texture, printed with state of the art commercial printers.
    • Double layers of printed canvas, create a lightweight, portable, practical privacy screens as well as a lovely decorative accent.
    • Great for dividing space, redirecting foot traffic, hiding a messy desk, or a unique spot for a plant stand or pedestal.
    • Lovely vintage art and a fine quality room divider for less than the cost of many wall art prints.
    • Mount flat on the wall for a huge, eye catching piece of colorful, unique wall art.

    Turn of the century France is a subject many painters captured in a wide variety of artistic mediums and motifs. Note that we offer over half a dozen Paris street scene paintings blown up and reproduced on this popular line of attractive and unique room dividers. Our selection of reproductions of famous paintings from Van Gogh and Monet, as well as lesser known paintings like this one, lend a little of the charm many of us seem to find in images of the streets of Paris, as well as in photos of the Eiffel tower and Arch de Triomph.