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6 ft. Tall Double Sided Leopard Room Divider

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    SKU: CAN-LEOPARD 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Leopard Room Divider

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    Two outstanding, compelling close up photos of one of natures most compelling creations; an African spotted leopard. These are powerful, majestic creatures, with stunning coats to help them hide while they stalk their prey. Their amazing beauty helps us forgive their predatory natures, as they fulfill their roles in the cycle of life on the African savannah; they are just undeniably, incredibly beautiful.

    • Well crafted, sturdy kiln dried wood frame panels, covered with hardy, printable poly-cotton blend canvas.
    • Exceptional, high quality close-up photography, with stunning color and texture, printed with high quality commercial printers.
    • These panels wont allow light and shadows, creating a lightweight, portable, practical privacy screen room divider as well as a decorative screen.
    • A fold up room divider in a family or childrens room can hide a mess on short notice, as well as adding a delightful decorative accent.
    • This wonderfully inexpensive collection of printed floor screens can also provide huge wall photos and wall art prints, easily mounted on any large empty wall.

    Nature and wildlife imagery make beautiful and powerful subjects, not just for photographers, but for artists of all mediums. We offer big cat paintings and statues as well as images printed on room dividers, as they continue to fascinate people the world over, ever since the first cave paintings- panthers, tigers, & lions, as well as these lovely leopards. Browse our kitten room divider too!