6 ft. Tall Double Sided Paris Room Divider

6 ft. Tall Double Sided Paris Room Divider
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A very attractive room divider, with simple, beautiful renderings of some of Paris' most famous architecture. The images are faithfully, beautifully printed on excellent quality medium gauge cotton canvas, carefully stretched onto three mitered wood frames.

  • Unique, attractive paintings of the two of France's most famous public works.
  • Carefully reproduced onto art quality, lightweight and durable cotton blend canvas.
  • Canvas sections of each image stretched onto three solid Spruce hinged panel frames.
  • One of almost a dozen images of Paris's & France's best known architectural masterpieces.

We offer several room dividers with photographic images of these iconic structures, two of the world's most beautiful. However, these are the only paintings of them that we've found, and we are very happy to offer them at the same outstandingly low price as the rest of our surprisingly inexpensive, beautiful 3 room dividers.