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6 ft. Tall Double Sided Trees Room Divider

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    SKU: CAN-TREES3 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Trees Room Divider

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    Our Pine tree room divider has Pines on both front and back. On the front, a unique photograph of a pine grove shot with the camera pointing up at the sky, creating an interesting natural decorative pattern great for a floor screen or wall art image. The back side, a lovely nature photo of a beautiful misty morning, with a bright green grove of pines contrasted and mirrored by a perfectly still, reflecting lake.

    • Well crafted, sturdy kiln dried wood frame panels, covered with hardy, printable poly-cotton blend canvas.
    • Award winning nature photography, with the rich, robust green of Pine trees, front and back, in six foot tall images.
    • The double layers of canvas can provide privacy as well as a stunning decorative floor screen.
    • Great for dividing space, redirecting foot traffic, hiding a mess on short notice, or creating a lovely background furnishings.
    • A fine home décor accent as well as a quality room divider for less than the cost of many framed prints.
    • Our canvas print screens can be wall mounted for a unique and powerful decorative focus on any bare wall, home or office.

    We offer an exceptional collection of photo print and art print folding screens and room dividers with beautiful images of many different species of trees; coniferious and deciduous, Cherry, Plum, and Japanese Maple, as well as Birch, Redwood, Box Elder, Oak, and more. If trees and tree images are attractive to you, please take a few minutes to browse our entire selection of serene, sylvan landscapes to find one just right for your practical and decorative purposes.