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Waterfall Canvas Wall Art

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    SKU: CV-ART-FALLS Waterfall Canvas Wall Art

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    Here we're offering unique, fine art quality nature photography at it's most creative. A time lapsed photograph, with the shutter left open to over expose falling water, producing a beautiful, ethereal effect. The water looks like glowing quicksilver pouring over the cliff, imagery from an alternative universe.

    • Substantial size wall décor; two and half foot photo print.
    • Beautiful outdoor photographic image of a forest waterfall.
    • Unique, over exposed effect creates ethereal glowing water.
    • Printed on art quality canvas stretched on mitered wood frame.
    • From a unique collection of canvas wall art and art printed room dividers.

    Also browse our double printed canvas room divider collection. We offer a vast array of images of the natural world; the stars and planets, our globe, mountains, forests, oceans, as well as people, animals, and plants. It's relatively simple to hang one of our canvas room dividers on the wall, as they are quite light and have outstanding wall art on both sides.