6 ft. Tall Blue Toile Double Sided Room Divider

6 ft. Tall Blue Toile Double Sided Room Divider
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This is an unusual, beautiful, toile wall paper print room divider with the front and back decorated with a blow up of a formal European floral pattern. The color combination is simple, a warm, antique white background, with a Wedgewood blue tree blossom, leaf and branch rendered in a classic 19th century style ink drawing design. The color palette provides a traditional, formal, elegance, while the blow up of the toile image is a distinctive, modern take on an old classic.

  • Wood frame encased in a durable poly canvas blend.
  • Unusual blue and white toile print on both sides.
  • Blocks light and provides privacy.

Room Dividers like this one are perfect for many uses such as a folding privacy screen, portable room partition, or dorm room dressing screen. They are great for home, office, or small business.