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17" Multi Jade Bonsai Flower

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    SKU: GFT_JAD_201-8B 17" Multi Jade Bonsai Flower

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    A beautiful, hand crafted oriental accent; a classic Chinese Jade tree, including hand carved Jade, hand blown colored glass, and hand rendered ceramics. The beautiful colors of the flower petals and leaves, the rich green of the Jade flower pot, and the Earthy brown tree trunk emerging from the white ceramic stones, combine to create and eye catching work of elegance and beauty. A lovely decoration or curio, as well as an outstanding housewarming, wedding, or anniversary gift idea.

    • A unique, distinctive Asian home décor accent.
    • Master piece of fine oriental craftsmanship, no two exactly alike.
    • Hand crafted with Jade, blown glass, and Chinese ceramics.
    • A wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful gift, traditionally given for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and auspicious holidays.