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36" Chinese Poem on Gold Leaf

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    Evoke images of the Orient with this soft and beautiful, hand-painted gold leaf rendition of a Chinese poem.
    • Large (3ft. x 6ft.), hand painted gold leaf silk screen.
    • Song dynasty (10th century China) brush art style.
    • Crafted from silk covered paper, glued over four side-by-side lacquered wood frames.
    • Matted with a fine Chinese silk brocade border.
    • Comes with lacquered brass geometric hangers for easy mounting.
    • Can be displayed as a privacy screen, partly folded to stand upright on a table or floor.
    • Note that no two renderings are exactly the same.
    • Subtle, beautiful hand painted wall art for a fraction of the cost of a comparable print.

    Each panel is a different poem from the Tang Dynasty.

    Rough Translation From the Left:
    1. Our soldiers go a long way to protect the territory left by our ancestors. They never allow the invading horses to go across the Yin Mountain.
    2. Former friends say goodbye at the Yellow Crane Building and go west to Yangzhou in the beautiful blue sky of March.
    3. A lonely city sitting on a mountain thousands of meters high watch as the Yellow River goes farther and farther into the white clouds.
    4. Smell the flowers and enjoy the clouds of the peaceful countryside life.