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11" Sitting Happy Buddha Statue

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    SKU: STA-BUD12 11" Sitting Happy Buddha Statue

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    This is one of the largest of the cast resin sitting Happy Buddha statues we offer, also the heaviest. At almost a foot tall and a foot wide, this is a large work of distinctive, beautiful, craftsmanship. Cast from high quality heavy resin, with an outstanding, unique two tone silver and black finish. Lucky Buddha is known to the Japanese as "Hotei", and to the Chinese as "Budai".

    • One of the heaviest of our line of 8 heavy cast resin Hotei statues.
    • Happy, Laughing, Lucky, Prosperity, Fat, or Dancing Buddha.
    • An East Asian folk deity thought to be based on a 10th century Zen monk.
    • A beautiful two tone silver and black rendering with remarkable detail.
    • Sitting Happy Buddha statues are thought to encourage happiness to "sit"in the household.

    In ancient Asian tradition, Hotei or Budai was part of country folk lore, not main stream Buddhism or Zen Buddhist teachings. He is not portrayed in traditional Buddhist art or artwork. His depictions are more commonly part of a village shrine, bringing goodness and contentment, bestowing happiness and prosperity. A statue of this size is a significant, substantial gift, a great gift for the person who does not have or want everything.