6" Sitting Laughing Buddha Statue

6" Sitting Laughing Buddha Statue
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The classic oriental folk deity, called Hotei in Japanese traditions, and Budai in Chinese, the "Laughing Buddha" in the America. Distinct from the Gautama Buddha, the meditation Buddha, this round, bald gentleman is thought to have been a Zen Buddhist monk. He traveled the Far East in the 10th century, spreading happiness and good fortune; we offer 10 designs of this herald of contentment and good luck.

  • Beautiful statue of the "Happy Buddha"; Hotei in Japanese.
  • Thought to bring good luck & felicity to home or business.
  • Finely crafted from top quality cast heavy resin.
  • Remarkable reproduction faux wood carved finish.
  • Browse our 10 unique Happy, Laughing, Fat, Lucky, & Dancing Buddhas.
  • A traditional gift for birthdays, New Year, housewarmings, new beginnings.

In Japanese tradition, Hotei is considered one of the Seven Lucky Gods. In much of the Far East, statues of Hotei or Budai are thought to bring good fortune and felicity to the household or business. Statues of Laughing Buddha are thought to bestow wishes if the belly is rubbed while the supplicant, with pure heart, makes a silent wish.