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16" Thepenom Thai Angel Statue

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    SKU: STA-BUD23 16" Thepenom Thai Angel Statue

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    A stunning, beautifully detailed reproduction of a classic Thai style Thepanom, an Aparasa in Sanskrit, similar to an angel in Judeo-Christian tradition. This is one of a series of more than two dozen remarkable, beautiful Buddhist art statues, from a variety of Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, & Thai artistic traditions, ranging from 10 inches to over 2 feet tall. Our Thepanom statue is an outstanding reproduction of a beautiful carving of the divine being, about 16" tall, crafted from a honey colored resin, with a lovely faux wood grain finish.

    • Beautifully detailed reproduction of a traditional Thai Buddhist angel, called a "Thepanom" in Thai, or an "Apsara" in Sanskrit.
    • Cast from a warm honey colored resin, with remarkably realistic faux wood grain skin, dressed in a lovely ornate, elegant golden colored garment.
    • Designed with a beautiful, transcendent, divine face, with Buddhist art style aquiline nose, and auspicious eyebrow ridge over eyes closed in deep meditation.
    • Crafted In traditional kneeling position, with hands together in "Namaste" mudra, a lovely decorative accent often displayed in pairs, to bless the ambiance of the room.

    Selecting outstanding, unique Asian art & accessories can turn an unadorned dorm room, apartment, or house into a warm, special place to relax & renew inner strength & happiness. Our collection of subtle, serene Buddhist art statues & paintings is a wonderful resource for professional interior designers and creative home decorators. A Thepanom is thought provide a delicate, divine energy for living room, bedroom, office or study. In Thailand, a Thepanom is considered a thoughtful gift of respect & friendship in Thai gift giving tradition, now available right here in the USA.