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17" Japanese Sitting Buddha Statue

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    SKU: STA-BUD3 17" Japanese Sitting Buddha Statue

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    A large, powerful, beautiful statue of Gautama Buddha, the Bodhisattva, with his legs crossed in lotus position, seated in meditation. An excellent quality castings of fine heavy resin, finished with a rich burgundy patina. It's from our wonderful new series of classic Buddhas & Buddhist monk reproductions, based on wood carvings, bronzes, and sculptures from all over Eastern Asia.

    • Large seated Buddha figure, almost a foot and a half tall.
    • Excellent quality casting of fine quality heavy resin.
    • Finished in a beautiful, dark burgundy patina.
    • Part of a series of outstanding Buddha statue reproductions.
    • Offered at remarkable introductory prices, while supplies last.

    There is a large body of knowledge, mathematical and geometric convention devoted to artistic images of the Buddha, in paintings, statues, sculptures, and carvings: Buddharupa. How wide to set the eyes, ears, nose, & mouth, how many hair knots, position of the top knot, proportions of shoulders to knees, and hands to feet. We believe once you choose one of these works of fine craftsmanship, for your living room, bedroom, or office, you'll enjoy looking at it for years to come.