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5" Sitting Happy Buddha Statue

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    SKU: STA-BUD7 5" Sitting Happy Buddha Statue

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    This image of Hotei in a seated, almost reclining position, holding his prayer beads and bag of plenty, is a beautiful, uplifting decorative accent. Great on a desk top, personal shrine, or mantle, the "Happy Buddha" is thought to bestow prosperity, happiness, and encourage household warmth and affection.

    • Beautifully detailed statue of Hotei, in faux bronze finish.
    • Jovial visage, prayer beads, holding his never empty bag of plenty.
    • A fine quality statue cast in heavy resin, solid and substantial.
    • Thought to bring good luck, happiness, wealth, and household warmth.
    • From a collection of 10 unique designs of this classic Asian folk deity.

    The laughing Buddha, fat Buddha, prosperity Buddha, lucky Buddha: Many names for this popular and thoughtful and unique gift idea. Choose a sitting figure if you want your luck to settle in and permeate, choose a standing figure if you need your luck to change. Once you choose a laughing Buddha for your home or office, you might wonder why you waited so long.