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11" Sitting Lucky Buddha Statue

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    SKU: STA-BUD9 11" Sitting Lucky Buddha Statue

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    This large Lucky Buddha statue is from of a selection of 10 remarkably detailed and beautiful renderings of this popular Far East figure. He is called Hotei in Japanese, and Budai in Chinese, and thought to encourage positive Feng Shui of the room where it's placed. The rich dark faux bronze finish is beautiful, and the warm happy face sometimes seems to spread to the people in the room.

    • Large size heavy weight Hotei, Budai, "Lucky Buddha".
    • From our distinctive group of 10 happy faced lucky belly designs.
    • Thought to bring positive feng shui to home or business.
    • Fine quality detailed casting with beautiful dark faux bronze finish.
    • A unique and distinctive gift idea for a man or men in your life.

    The historical tradition around Budai is that he was a Zen monk around the middle of the tenth century. He was said to have spread a happy, loving, and positive attitude to rural communities he visited. "Lucky Buddha" statues are thought to bring happy, loving, positive attitudes to your home or office. Customers report that our Happy Buddha statues can be surprisingly good company; they're great listeners.