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Bamboo Fence Door WD04-1

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    This simple hand crafted bamboo accessory is usually used either in indoor garden areas or outdoor areas sheltered from the elements. It's roughly as wide as an interior door, and about three and a half feet tall. It's crafted from high quality, whole bamboo pole and split bamboo.

    • Hand crafted Japanese bamboo trellis
    • Often purchased in multiples of 4, 8, & 12.
    • Can be used to build a Japanese style bamboo fence.
    • Designed for use in areas protected from direct weather exposure.

    These are beautifully crafted trellises, great for creating a barrier in an indoor area, a covered garden, or to grow vines against a wall under an eaves or over hang. This is beautiful, light colored bleached bamboo, with a cross bamboo lattice. Browse our unique Japanese Zen garden gate, as well as our remarkable bamboo furniture and décor.