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59" Koru Japanese Bamboo Floor Lamp

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    SKU: WDLF3-7-S 59" Koru Japanese Bamboo Floor Lamp

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    At just under five feet tall, this is an unusually tall Japanese style lantern, a wonderful alternative to torchiere style floor lamps popular in contemporary American home décor. It's a hand crafted lamp, built from kiln dried bamboo pole mounted on a thick disc shaped wood lamp base. The shade is tough, reinforced pressed pulp fiber paper, with wood collars at the top and bottom to help maintain its shape.

    • Unique extra tall Japanese style lantern floor lamp.
    • Handcrafted from kiln dried natural finish bamboo pole.
    • Fiber reinforced rice paper lamp shade with wood collars.
    • Mounted on solid wood base; triangle rung reinforcements.
    • UL approved wiring and hardware; USA size light bulb sockets.

    Like a torcheire floor lamp, our Koru floor lamps cast indirect light. The difference is that a Japanese lantern casts warm, soft, diffuse light outward through the rice paper shade, instead of upward to bounce of the ceiling. Note that all of our imported lamps, lanterns, and light fixtures are made with UL approved hardware for American size light bulb sockets with American design electric plugs.