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35" Kojima Japanese Bamboo Shoji Lantern

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    SKU: WDLF4-17BR 35" Kojima Japanese Bamboo Shoji Lantern

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    One of two similar Japanese style shoji lanterns, hand made from whole mature bamboo pole. Instead of traditional rice paper lamp shades, our Kojima lamps use bamboo matchstick, creating unique, beautifully designed tropical style floor lamps. Our 3 foot version is a great size for a either an extra tall, dramatic, eye catching table lamp, or a small, diminutive floor lamp to bring light to a dark corner.

    • Unique Japanese design shoji lamps with matchstick lamp shade.
    • UL certified, USA size bulb sockets, power cord, & wheel switch.
    • Use as extra tall table lamp or small floor lamp.
    • Hand crafted from beautiful, natural, matured whole bamboo.
    • Also available in a 5 foot tall design.

    Although wood, ceramics, steel and chrome are the more popular for making a table or floor lamp, bamboo is probably the most eco-friendly. Bamboo grows to maturity in five to six years, and has a hardness similar to Oak. For many people, bamboo is as attractive as wood or steel. As more of the cost of cutting forests and making steel are factored in, bamboo may become best deal anywhere.

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